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classical homeopathy

„ The highest and only task of the physician is

to restore the health of the patient

what is called healing.

Sick is always the whole person.

Symptoms are signals of our body and our soul.

                                                                  Dr. Samuel Hahnemann

A carefully selected homeopathic medicine heals quickly, gently and safely without serious side effects severe acute and chronic diseases (eg. chronic inflammation of skin, tonsils and earth, allergic diseases,  chronic headache, behavioral disorders, 

Homeopathy seeks permanent recovery, not a temporary healing success.



problems after operations and injury

chronic rheumatic diseases

functional disorders

chronic inflammation of ear, tonsils​, 

chronic skin diseases,

abdominal pane, 

behavioral disorders, 

chronic headache, 


Fears and Sleep disorders,

 problems in pregnancy and breast-feading,

chronic inflammation  of ​bladder and kidney,

menopausal and menstrual  symptoms

allergic diseases

Hay fever, asthma bronchiale,

chronic skin disease , eczema, psoriasis,


born in Bozen (Italy)


Study of medicine Innsbruck (Austria)


Specialist training in the

Dr. von Haunerschen Childeren`s Hospital

(University of Munich / Germany)


3 years of homeopathic training in Munich


Homeopathic training at the  International

school for classic  Homeopathy bei Dr. Alfons Geukens (Belgium)

seid 2007

Homeopathic training by Dr. Dario Spinedi

(CH) and by Henny Heudens-Mast (B) 


Member of the South tyrolian  Circle of Homeopathy

(with Dr.Werner Fundneider, Dr.Waltraud Lun, 

Dr.Maria Paregger, Dr.Elisabeth Viertler)


private practice at pediatrician

in Ortisei ( Val  Gardena)

and in Bolzano,  Cam

(physiotherapy, osteopathy and cranoisacraltherapy) 

Married, mother of 4 children

Over 200 years ago the physician Dr. Samuel Hahnemann gave rise to the modern homeopathy

wich is based on the principle of similarity.

Similia similibus curentur :

Likes are to be cured with  likes.


Prescription of only one remedy 

Constitutional treatment

Homeopathy uses animal, plant, mineral, and synthetic substances in

its preparation.The process of dilution and succussion is  termed

"dynamization". With higher dilution and potentiazion the remedy will

be more energetic and intensive.

In Classical  Homeopathy we use only one remedy.

If this do`n t  help anymore we change them.

Because of all the individual characteristics ( mental and physical

symptoms) it will be selected the most similar means (Simile).

About me
Homeopathy Elisabeth Delago 

 St. Ulrich / ORTISEI   

 Reziastr 94 /Via Rezia 94

39046 Val Gardena - South Tyrol ,  Italy


Grieserhof / Stiftung St. Elisabeth

Glaninger Weg 1 / via Cologna 1

 39100  - South Tyrol,  Italy

Tel.  +39 338 6370757

@ Elisabeth Delago 2017


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